Creation and production of quality digital and print content.

Every craftsperson or entrepreneur needs a unique and original voice to stand out from the web frenzy, to reach and connect with their customers. Take control of your online presence with engaging stories and images that capture the attention of your audience.


Web Design

Graphic Design

Digital and Print Visual Communications

The rapid evolution of the Web now requires an individual or organization to keep up with the pace of change so that their digital and print communications materials represent them at their best and deliver tangible results.

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  • A healthy business relationship
  • A strong support to you, the customer
  • The development of specific solutions tailored to your budget
  • Creating customized visual content that people can relate to
  • No standard service offers or estimates

Scientific, Medical and Editorial Illustrations

If you are looking to give your communications a unique personality and leave a memorable impression or image in the minds of your clients, illustrations can be the perfect solution to enhance your digital and print projects.

Web design

Web Design

When a website is not intuitive to navigate, visitors may feel a little hesitant to keep going. As a web designer, I make sure to use all the tools at my disposal so that the number of people who give up is nearly zero.

Graphic design - Logo Ophélie Weldon

Graphic Design

Visual identity, logo, business card, poster, flyer, exhibition banner
Visuals for social networks, schematic/graphic representation.


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Take control of your online presence with stories and images that emotionally connect with your audience/customers.

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