New Church Logo

New Church logo

Graphic Design Design of a logo M. Ati Dion holds a PhD from the University of Montreal where he studied social controls and drugs in the Faculty of Criminology. He then taught the contexts of psychotropic substance use throughout history at the Department of Addiction of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sherbrooke.He has […]

Ready-to-Wear Website

ready-to-wear website

Web Design & Management WordPress setup Graphic Design Logo • Business Card • Label Go to Website Les Toutacous de Manou is a clothing workshop and online store of women’s clothing. The creations are completely unique and original because of their style and fabrication method. Each piece or ensemble is made from recycled fabrics. The […]

Isabelle Lipp Website

Graphic design - Logo Isabelle Lipp

Web Design Wix Setup Graphic Design Logo • Business card Go to Website Isabelle Lipp has been practicing psychotherapy in a private office since 1995. After completing her studies in psycho-education, she began training in psychotherapy in 1994. Interested in the mind-body connection, she chose Psychothérapie Corporelle Intégrée (PCI) as her first therapeutic intervention model. […]

Hellinger Canada Website

Logo Hellinger Ottawa-Gatineau

Web Design and Management WordPress setup Graphic design Logo • Business Card Go to Website Hellinger Canada is a network of individuals and groups of individuals whose goal is to make the work of family constellations visible to the general public as well as to professionals in the fields of counseling, psychotherapy, spirituality and personal […]

Harmonie-son Website

Logo Harmonie-Son

Web Design Wix Setup Graphic Design Logo • Facebook Images • Posters • CD cover Go to Website Harmonie-Son Harmonie-Son was born from the meeting of Isabelle Lipp and Alain Beaulieu, from their passion for music and rhythms as well as their mutual exploration of the effects of sound on a vibratory and therapeutic level. […]

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Craniosacral biodynamics Logo

Graphic Design Logo • Business Card • Brochure Exhibition Banner • Leaflet The Craniosacral Biodynamics approach is at the cutting edge of the evolution of craniosacral therapy. It is a holistic approach that works with the subtle energies that create and maintain health in the human body. Although it does not involve manual manipulation, it […]

Laugh Yourself Daft Website

Logo-Laugh Yourself Daft

Web Design WordPress Setup Graphic Design Logo • Business Card • Printed T-shirt Go to Website The slogan of the Laugh Yourself Daft website reads as follows: “It is not because we are happy that we laugh, but because we laugh that we are happy”. John Ledjerman’s unique approach has been to take laughter, which […]

Karavelle Website


Karavelle Website Web Design & Management Wix Setup Grpahic Design Logo • Business Card • Posters • Facebook Images Go to Website Karavelle is the vessel that carries the performance art and coaching offered by Isabelle Safi Villeneuve, a theatre artist with many hats. The symbol of the caravel, that ancient small sailing boat so […]

Water-Life Center

Water-life center logo

Water-Life Center Graphic Design Logo • Business Card • Brochure Leaflets • Exhibition Banner Water-Life Center is a massage therapy school and healing facility founded by Sylvie Charbonneau and Alain Moreau. The school’s mission is to teach massage therapy in a nurturing environment that allows for the integration of not only a technique but also […]