Nelson Education Scientific Illustrations

Nelson Education Scientific Illustrations - Cutaway of the human heart

Illustrations Anatomy • Medecine • Science Nelson Education is Canada’s leading educational publisher, providing innovative products and solutions for students of all ages. The company serves the Canadian K-12, higher education, vocational and business, industry and government markets. The generated scientific illustrations have been used in several high school science learning areas (medicine, anatomy, botany, […]

QA-International Illustrations

QA-International I have collaborated for many years in the publication of several dictionaries and visual encyclopedias to enrich the image bank of QA-International illustrations - Family guide to health

Illustration • Animations Art Direction Science • Technology • Anatomy QA-International Illustrations (QAI) is a division of Groupe Québec Amérique, a major French-language publishing house based in Montreal. QAI is recognized as a pioneer in the design and production of outstanding reference books at the international level. QAI is where it all began for me […]

A.D.A.M. Medical Illustrations

A.D.A.M. medical illustrations

Illustrations Anatomy • Medecine A.D.A.M. Medical Illustrations is the most credible and innovative source of healthcare information and multimedia visual learning resources for hospitals, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, employers and the pharmaceutical industry. is one of the world’s largest medical illustration libraries with over 31,000 detailed and medically accurate images ready for download. A.D.A.M. […]

Ramiel Nagel Medical Illustrations

Ramiel Nagel book

Illustrations Anatomy • Dentistry A strong advocate for dental health, Ramiel Nagel is an internationally published author whose research on tooth decay has been featured in Nexus magazine. «Cure Gum Disease Naturally» is a natural, holistic approach that focuses primarily on how you can use the foods you eat as medicine for your body. The […]

Light Therapies Website

Light Therapies website

Web Design and Mobile App Design Wix Setup Illustrations Anatomy • Scientific Charts Go to Website Combining light, sound and color, SENSORTECH developed devices that create an enveloping multi-sensory environment conducive to harmony and relaxation. Light Therapies, on The Power of Light, is a comprehensive guide on how light and color can be used therapeutically and […]

Illustration for NeurogesX Inc

illustration for NeurogesX Inc. - Polar bear and skin

Illustration Wildlife Art • Anatomy NeurogesX Inc. is a pharmaceutical company which develops treatments for chronic peripheral neuropathic pain, including post-herpetic neuralgia, painful distal sensory polyneuropathy of HIV and painful diabetic neuropathy. QUTENZA ®, the drug for which this illustration was intended, is specifically prescribed for adults for neuropathic pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia and […]

Muscles of the human body

muscles of the human body

Muscles of the Human Body Illustration Anatomy Mr. Lloyd Lewis from California had approached me with a proposal to do a large-scale project involving several illustrations. The objective was to produce anatomical charts representing in detail the muscles of the human body in the three main points of view (anterior, posterior, lateral). Each part of […]