Nelson Education Scientific Illustrations

Nelson Education Scientific Illustrations - Cutaway of the human heart

Illustrations Anatomy • Medecine • Science Nelson Education is Canada’s leading educational publisher, providing innovative products and solutions for students of all ages. The company serves the Canadian K-12, higher education, vocational and business, industry and government markets. The generated scientific illustrations have been used in several high school science learning areas (medicine, anatomy, botany, […]

QA-International Illustrations

QA-International I have collaborated for many years in the publication of several dictionaries and visual encyclopedias to enrich the image bank of QA-International illustrations - Family guide to health

Illustration • Animations Art Direction Science • Technology • Anatomy QA-International Illustrations (QAI) is a division of Groupe Québec Amérique, a major French-language publishing house based in Montreal. QAI is recognized as a pioneer in the design and production of outstanding reference books at the international level. QAI is where it all began for me […]

Montreal Science Center

Centre des Sciences

Scientific Illustrations Graphic Design The Montreal Science Center is a science museum located in the old port of Montreal. It is dedicated to the vulgarization of science, the promotion of knowledge and the development of scientific and technical culture. Its mandate is to help visitors of all ages discover, better understand and embrace science and […]

Immunity Magazine

Immunity Magazine

Illustration Science • Immunology Immunity is a monthly magazine that publishes research articles and general interest reviews on the entire discipline of immunology. The published peer-reviewed articles report on the most important advances in immunology research. The two projects I collaborated on were to design the illustration that would be used on the cover of […]