Creation and production of quality digital and print content.

Every craftsperson or entrepreneur needs a unique and original voice to stand out from the web frenzy, to reach and connect with their customers. Take control of your online presence with engaging stories and images that capture the attention of your audience.

About Joss


As a professional illustrator, graphic designer and web designer for many years, I have created quality content for a wide variety of digital and print projects. Two of my priorities when designing websites are elegance and user-friendliness.


Jocelyn Gardner

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I will use my various expertise to meet your visual communication needs.

I have contributed to the development of many inspiring products presented by encyclopedic publishers, advertising agencies, content creators, educational institutions and many freelancers.

Photo restoration and editing are also part of my services.


Working for you with you

My goals in offering you my services:

  • Capture the essence of your needs and values
  • Have a deep understanding of your business
  • Produce quality original work
  • Act as both consultant and designer





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