About Joss

About Jocelyn Gardner

Yes, what to say about Joss?

An all in one web designer, illustrator et graphic designer, I specialize in creating quality  digital content for web and print projects, as well as designing elegant and user-friendly websites.

With attentive listening and sensitivity, I offer you my various skills to address your visual communication concerns.

I assure you that the execution of your projects will be a faithful reflection of your image and in harmony with the message you wish to convey to your clients.

I have contributed to the successful completion of many inspiring products presented by encyclopedic publishers, advertising agencies, content creators, educational institutions and many independent workers and entrepreneurs.

In addition to my profession in graphic arts, I also work as a chef cook for the Kio-o Retreat and Creativity Centre, located near my home in Sainte-Lucie des Laurentides. As most of my communications with my clients are done by email, zoom or phone, this activity allows me to deepen my knowledge of vegetarian cuisine while fulfilling my need for human contact.

And to top it all off, I continue my artistic exploration of some of the visual arts disciplines, such as traditional and digital painting and photography.

Jocelyn Gardner


Thanks to Sanjiva for the photo session

About Jocelyn Gardner

Ready to work for you

With you

What to expect from our collaboration?

  • A healthy business relationship
  • A close assistance with you the customer
  • The development of specific solutions, adjustable to your budget
  • The production of visual content that people can relate to
  • No standardized service offering or evaluation

My objectives towards you are as follows :

  • Understand the meaning of your needs and values
  • Have a deep understanding of your business
  • Produce quality original work
  • Act as both consultant and designer