Creation and production of quality digital and print content.

Every craftsperson or entrepreneur needs a unique and original voice to stand out from the web frenzy, to reach and connect with their customers. Take control of your online presence with engaging stories and images that capture the attention of your audience.

Web Design

On the lookout for the latest trends

Your website is probably one of the most important parts of your business: it is the gateway where many potential customers discover you for the first time. They learn more about who you are and what you offer, and hopefully will buy your products and services. With this in mind, I invite you to invest in a quality website that will attract your target audience, tell your brand story and convert your visitors into customers.

Piscines Albatros

An equitable approach to web design

My services will be of particular interest to self-employed workers such as therapists, artists, entrepreneurs, as well as organizations with a social mandate.

For those who wish to do so, I offer a basic training in order to acquire a certain autonomy for the editing of the website content.

Independant Worker

Promote your services
Projects adapted to your budget to allow you to grow your business.


Support your mission
To assist you in helping people, recruiting new members and partners, receiving donations and generating revenue.

Artist / Craftsperson

Enhance your accessibility
Des solutions web pour vous permettre d’améliorer votre visibilité et de vendre vos créations.

Here are the elements that I will make sure

to carry out when designing your website

  • To make your website fluid and meaningful to visitors.
  • It will be as beautiful and user-friendly on mobile devices as it is on desktop.
  • Add copyright information, and a privacy policy if you need it.
  • Produce a custom favicon for your site (the little icon in the browser tab).
  • I can also take on other aspects when designing websites – such as basic SEO, integration of a newsletter system, etc.

Selected Projects

Keep in mind that the projects were developed for specific clients, with specific needs and objectives. My main goal was to interpret and bring to life the style and brand image of each client.

Made on WordPress or Wix platforms

LEXAM construction Logo

LEXAM Construction Website

Creation of a visual identity with logo and a business card. The color palette of the logo was then used...
healing school website

Healing School Website

Complete redesign of a healing school website (Body Being & Heart). Creation of an elegant interface...
JST Manufacturing

JST Manufacturing Website

Design of the revamped JST Manufacturing website. The site includes nearly a hundred pages, the majority...
Graphic design - Logo Isabelle Lipp

Isabelle Lipp Website

Design of Isabelle Lipp website and development of her visual identity with logo and business card.
ready-to-wear website

Ready-to-Wear Website

Design of a ready-to-wear website and creation of visual identity elements such as logo, business card,...
Light Therapies website

Light Therapies Website

Production of anatomical illustrations and scientific charts for the book Light Therapies. Design of...
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