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Images & Designs

Natural sciences

Since the Renaissance, illustrations have been used to advance knowledge in the many fields of natural sciences, such as medicine and biology. At Joss1 Studio, we have the expertise to illustrate complex information clearly and accurately.
You’ll get original illustrations and designs that will leave a strong impression in people’s minds.

Alder Scalycap

You need custom illustrations.

Original images are created specifically to enhance the understanding of your publications, like those that deal with the study of living organisms and their environment – such as micro-organisms, plants, animals and the human being.
These custom visuals are intended to support other media or to better represent ideas, concepts and explain them further.


Vulgarizing concepts
• Science exhibits
• Scientific diagrams
• Technical data
• Reference books

Life sciences

To illustrate the medical
• Human and animal anatomy
• Medical conditions
• Medical treatments


Highlighting knowledge
• Explanatory brochures
• Research Articles
• School books
• Newspapers and magazines

Among the targeted fields, there are

Custom images that will help you
be better understood by the public and the experts.

Selected Projects

The Visual of the Human Body

The Visual of the Human Body

The Visual of the Human Body was a long-term project during which we produced hundreds of illustrations...
A.D.A.M. medical illustrations

A.D.A.M. Medical Illustrations

Creation of digital images for A.D.A.M. Medical Illustrations. They were used to expand their huge image...
Light Therapies website

Light Therapies Website

Production of anatomical illustrations and scientific charts for the book Light Therapies. Design of...
Nelson Education Scientific Illustrations - Cutaway of the human heart

Nelson Education Scientific Illustrations

Production of digital images for the Nelson Education Scientific Illustrations. They illustrate concepts...
muscles of the human body

Muscles of the human body

Creation of anatomical illustrations representing the muscles of the human body for the three main viewpoints:...
Ramiel Nagel book

Ramiel Nagel Medical Illustrations

Creation of medical illustrations representing different diseases of the dental apparatus and its constituents...
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