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Sleeping Polar Bear

Biomedical and Anatomy

With a university degree in ecology, I am well versed in the life sciences which have applications in environment, agriculture, medicine and the pharmaceutical and food industry. My years of experience in illustration, including 15 years in the medical field, have been devoted to creating, for each client, an original graphic universe and a wide variety of visuals for this vast field.

Science and Technology

I specialize in scientific communication projects, in particular the creation of images for a wide range of applications such as published or online scientific articles, environmental protection, educational tools, websites, museum displays, handbooks, and many others.

Nature and Animals

After my university education, nature art was my first interest in terms of drawings. At the time, this took the form of black and white depictions of the wildlife I had been studying. Over the next few years. Since then, my expertise has expanded with the integration of computer graphics through the mastery of the main image editing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop.

Je suis lĆ  pour vous

Saisissez vos informations et je vous contacterai sous peu.

Je suis lĆ  pour vous

Saisissez vos informations et je vous contacterai sous peu.


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