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New Church Logo

Graphic Design

Design of a logo

M. Ati Dion holds a PhD from the University of Montreal where he studied social controls and drugs in the Faculty of Criminology. He then taught the contexts of psychotropic substance use throughout history at the Department of Addiction of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sherbrooke.
He has also traveled extensively throughout the world, collaborating and studying at the Humaniversity of Holland. He has facilitated various meditation and psychotherapy workshops for several years in Quebec.

While in Brazil, Mr. Dion had a vision to establish a Santo Daime church in Quebec. To bring this project to earth, he knew he needed a new Church logo. So he contacted me upon his return to Canada to propose that I design the logo. In short, he wanted to incorporate three elements of nature: the maple leaf, the fleur-de-lis and a hummingbird, as well as the cross of Lorraine and the star of David, two important icons of the Santo Daime. He warmly thanked me for capturing the essence of what he was talking about by designing a logo that combined these symbols well.

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